Well Drillers and Pump Installers

Persons in the business of water well drilling or pump installing are required by Michigan’s Public Health Code to obtain an annual Certificate of Registration from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  Installing a water well or a well pump without a Certificate of Registration is a violation of state law.  Licensed master plumbers may also install a pump for a water well.

Persons may install a water well or well pump on their own property if it is for their residential use.  If a new or replacement water well is to be installed a person must submit a well permit application and obtain a well permit from District Health Department No. 4 prior to installation of the well.   The water well must comply with the state’s well construction code and any permit requirement(s) from District Health Department No. 4.

Well drillers are required to disinfect the portion of water supply system they have constructed or repaired. They are also required to submit a water well and pump record to the local health department within sixty days of completing the well. The water supply owner is responsible to collect the required water sample(s) or arrange for their collection.

A list of Michigan Registered Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers is available on the links below.