Water Supply Construction Permits

Permit Requirement

The Environmental Health Regulations for District Health Department No. 2 requires that prior to construction of a new or replacement residential or Type III public well, or other type of water supply, and prior to extensive repair to an existing well, a person must apply for and obtain a water supply construction permit from District Health Department No. 2.  Permit conditions may be specified as part of the permit approval process.

Application Procedure

A completed water supply construction permit application form must be submitted to the health department prior to commencing construction of a water supply.  District Health Department No.2 will review the application and the site plan and if conditions are satisfactory will approve a permit to construct the proposed water supply.

Persons may submit a water supply construction permit application at any office of District Health Department No. 2 or they may utilize an authorized representative, such as their well drilling contractor, to submit an application for a permit on their behalf.

Type III Public Water Supplies

All Type III Public Water Supplies must receive a pre-drilling site visit by health department staff to review the site and a final inspection to review the construction of the completed water supply.


Deviations may be granted on a case by case basis as provided for in Michigan’s well construction code.  All deviations will be documented in writing and attached to the final well permit file.  Health department policy requires that the property owner sign the deviation form.

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