Temporary Campground License

A license for a temporary campground may be obtained by persons who wish to establish a campground for 5 or more recreational units for public use.  Persons should contact the Health Department in the county in which they wish to have the temporary campground.

A temporary campground license is valid for two weeks and a two week extension may be available if permitted by the local health department. A 30 day period must extend in between temporary campground licenses.

Temporary Campground License applications are available by visiting the local District Health Department No. 4 office in your area only.  Processing fees will be charged by the MDEQ, in addition to the Temporary Campground inspection fees charged by District Health Department No. 4.

Once the temporary campground application is submitted to the local health department, the Health Department staff will contact persons operating the facility to discuss licensing requirements and to arrange to visit and inspect the site.  If the site is in compliance with applicable rules the Health Department will then sign and approve the temporary campground license.

The approved license must be conspicuously displayed at the temporary campground site.