Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)

What is MIHP?

  • MIHP is a support program for pregnant women and infants with Medicaid insurance.
  • MIHP supports healthy pregnancies, and healthy babies.

How does MIHP help pregnant mothers and their babies?

Pregnant women in MIHP will get help with access to transportation, WIC, and childbirth or parenting education classes.  Women will also get home visits from a health care professional (like a nurse or social worker).  The health care professional will:

  • Help with prenatal care
  • Answer questions about being pregnant and labor and delivery
  • Answer questions about caring for your baby
  • Help with getting food or a place to live
  • Help you learn about buying, fixing, and eating healthy foods
  • Help with health problems that could affect your pregnancy, like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression or anxiety
  • Help with changes that you decide to make to be healthy, such as quitting or cutting down on smoking, alcohol, or drugs
  • Help if you’re concerned about abuse or violence in your life
  • Answer questions about family planning (birth control)
  • Connect you with community services, like childbirth education classes, baby pantries that give out baby items for free, the WIC food program, or heat and electricity

What are the benefits of MIHP?

  • Babies born to moms in MIHP are healthier
  • Families in MIHP learn how their babies are growing
  • Moms get help with breastfeeding

Please call District Health Department No. 4 to learn more about this program or to meet with your MIHP nurse or social worker and get signed up.

Links for Referral Forms are located to the right.  Referrals can be self-referral or from professional sources.  Completed referral forms can be mailed or faxed to your local health department office.