Healthy Families Northern Michigan

Healthy Families Northern Michigan (HFNM) is a voluntary program that offers guidance, information and support to help parents be ready for their baby’s birth and raise a healthy family. Expectant parents and parents of newborns may qualify for free visits with skilled Home Visitors. These visits will take place in the family’s home or any other comfortable location for the family. HFNM Home Visitors may begin visits while the mother is pregnant, or until the baby turns three months old, and can continue until the child turns four years old. The mother and child do not have to have Medicaid to qualify for the program. HFNM is being offered to all families in Iosco and Ogemaw counties!

HFNM Home Visitors will help answer questions on how to: 

  • Care for yourself during pregnancy and after your baby’s birth
  • Encourage your baby to roll, sit, crawl, talk, and play
  • Learn about ways both Moms and Dads are important
  • Help with temper tantrums, toilet training and other challenging stages
  • Plan activities to do with your baby, toddler and preschooler
  • Help you prepare your child/children for school
  • Set goals for yourself and your family based on your values
  • Access community resources your family needs

Please call 1-800- 504-2650 to learn more about his program or to meet with your HFNM home visitor and get signed up.

To sign up for the HFNM Program, the home visiting screening form needs to be completed.  Access the screening form here. This can be a self-referral to the program or from a professional.  Completed screening forms can be either mailed or faxed to your local health department office.