Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) is a program within Michigan Department of Health & Human Services. The program enrolls person’s newborn to age 21 with qualifying medical diagnosis. Adults over 21 may qualify with cystic fibrosis and certain blood clotting disorders. The medical condition, not income determines if you qualify for this program. This program can be used alone or in conjunction with private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Examples of over 2,000 covered medical diagnoses:

Hearing Loss
Cerebral Palsy
Insulin-Dependent Diabetes
Muscular Dystrophy
For a complete list of diagnoses click here

How can CSHCS help your family?

CSHCS strives to enable individuals with special health care needs to have improved health outcomes and an enhanced quality of life through the appropriate use of the CSHCS system of care.

Provides coverage and referrals for specialty services based on the person’s health problems.

Family centered services to support you in your role as the primary caretaker of your child.

Links you to community based services to help you care for your child at home and maintain normal routines.  

Our goals:

Assist individuals with special health needs in accessing the broadest possible range of appropriate medical care, health education and supports.

Assure delivery of these services and supports in an accessible, family oriented, culturally component, community-based and coordinated manner.

Promote and incorporate parent/professional collaboration in all aspects of the program.

Remove barriers that prevent individuals with special health care needs from achieving these goals.

Eligibility and Applying for CSHCS:

Assistance is available through District Health Department No. 4 in the determination process for program eligibility.

If eligible, your specialist will need to submit a medical record, less than 1 year old, describing the condition and treatment. Your specialist will need permission to send the medical information to CSHCS. Click here to print an Authorization to Release Protected Health Information Form.

Please call the DHD4 office in your county for more information:

Alpena: (989) 356-4507

Montmorency: (989) 785-4428

Cheboygan: (231) 627-8850

Presque Isle: (989) 734-4723