Land Divisions and Condominiums

The Land Division Act, Act 288 PA 1967, as amended, regulates divisions of land including platted subdivisions and other land parcels that are split or divided called “land divisions”. Subdivisions and land divisions which result in a parcel less than 1.0 acre in size that utilize on-site water supplies and/or on-site sewage disposal systems must be evaluated and approved by the local health department.  The Administrative Rules for the Land Division Act provide the specific requirements for on-site water supplies and on-site sewage disposal systems.

Site Condominiums

Site Condominiums are regulated by the Condominium Act, Act 59, PA 1978, as amended.  Section 71a of The Act requires that Site Condominiums which will have onsite water and/or onsite sewage disposal systems  must comply with the Administrative Rules for the Land Division Act.

Submission of Plans and Data

The Property owner, developer, or proprietor of the land division project must obtain the services of a qualified and competent consultant to submit plans to the local health department verifying the suitability of the land division site for the construction of on-site water and wastewater systems. District Health Department No.4 charges a plan review fee which varies with the size of the project.

District Health Department No.4 will conduct both office and site reviews to verify that the plans meet the minimum requirements of the Act and Administrative rules and if so, the Health Department will grant a preliminary approval with any conditions and/or restrictions necessary for final approval.

Following submission of required information, the health department will provide a final Health Department approval of the project.