Guidance for Specific Organizations & Groups

Healthcare Professionals

Supporting Emotional Health of the Health Care Workforce

Addressing Emotional Needs While You’re Sick: Guidance for Individuals

Addressing patients emotional needs during COVID-19 workup and diagnosis: Guidance for Clinicians

Healthcare Provider Quick Sheet for Symptomatic Healthcare Employees

Healthcare Worker with High-Risk Exposure to a COVID-19 Patient

MDHHS Issues Emergency Order Regarding COVID 19 Testing and Resource Reporting

Healthcare Professional Preparedness Checklist

Healthcare Professionals: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Updated 3/22/2020)

Dr. Meyerson Provider Update on Collection & Shipping

COVID 19 Collection & Shipping Update MDHHS

COVID 19 Packaging and Shipping Update Instructions

Schools & Childcare

Colleges and Universities

Long Term Care





Dental Professionals


Correctional and Detention Facilities

Community & Faith Based Organizations

Law Enforcement

Emergency Medical Services (First Responders)

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