Vision & Mission

Our Mission

District Health Department No. 2 provides leadership in promoting environmental and personal health through health promotion, disease detection, disease prevention, education and regulation.

Our Vision

A healthier community and environment for all!

Our Values

Service-Focused: We are committed to respectful, courteous and superior customer service.  We foster teamwork and embrace the richness of diversity and inclusion.

Communication and Collaboration:   We believe that communication and collaboration among Divisions and staff promote better service for the public. Every effort is made to create local, State and National partnerships to achieve mutual goals and efficiently leverage assets and resources.

Flexibility and Innovation: We believe that flexibility and innovation can help us be more efficient and effective in addressing the needs of our constantly changing community.  DHD2 embraces a culture of continuous quality improvement and strives to provide excellence in program delivery.

Focus on Equity: We believe in the right for all people to achieve health access and equity in our communities.

Responding to Need:  We believe in working with our communities by demonstrating both strategic and timely responses to public health needs.

Sustainability: We are committed to the principles of sustainability, whereby the interdependency of the natural environment, economic system, and social structure of District Health Department No. 2 are recognized as fundamental to all DHD2 policy and program decisions.